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EasyFrames Are Adhesive Back Magnetic Lined Display Frames. These Sticky Back Frames Allow Users To Quickly Display Announcements, Menus, Signage And Posters In Windows, On Doors Or Walls Simply And Fast. Change Your Messages With Just Pieces Of Paper Anytime You Want Without Lamination Or Dry EasyFrame Mounting.

It only takes a few seconds – create your announcements on paper, lift up the cover, insert your announcement and drop the cover back down. As information changes, simply replace your piece of paper with another.

EasyFrame covers lift up (portrait) or from side to side (landscape), whichever direction the customer requires. Unlike acrylic, hard plastic stands that easily break and cost a fortune, EasyFrames are a heavy gauge flexible Lexan cover that will never break regardless of how or what they are attached to. Covers are hand silk screened on the backside so the black border won’t scratch or flake off from the front side. A three sided heavy-duty magnetic linings included along with a heavy-duty adhesive tape on the fourth side.

EasyFrames are fantastic for restaurants displaying menus and specials, notices and all types of other signage. Save money by not laminating. Covers protect documents from dirt and damage (recommended for indoor use). Just create your messages on paper and display. When you’re done, toss the paper and replace the message with a new one. As your information needs updating, change your signage as often or as much as you want.