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EasyBoards are On Demand display boards that make changing & displaying presentation materials fast and simple.  Forget the expense of laminating and dry mounting exhibits.  Create your messages on paper, peel open the flexible plastic cover from the rigid back, slide in your document and re seal.  10 seconds or less!  When you’re done, remove the paper display – store it or throw it away – and slide in another.  Easyboards are green – buy an Easyboard once, and reuse it over and over again.

As information changes, you can easily & quickly update your materials without any additional costs and just a piece of paper.  Why use dry mounted meeting & event signs once & then throw them away when you’re done? Attorneys, spray gluing your courtroom presentations to the same piece of cardboard from another trial? Still using plastic displays that crack and break the first time their dropped.  These boards are lightweight, professional looking and virtually unbreakable.