New Easyboard A-Frame designed specifically for your Easyboards
Fast and super easy, update & change signage with just a piece of paper..

A Frame Insert


Typical A-Frames use pre printed rigid displays that insert into the frame itself.  When information needs to be updated or changed you’re forced to work with your local printer.  That’s expensive and time wasted waiting to display your announcement..


Not Anymore!  With our new Easyboard A-Frames, changing messages is as simple as peeling the flexible cover from the rigid back, inserting your paper sign and sliding the entire board into your A-Frame.  About a minutes worth of time!  Thereafter, messages can be changed with a piece of paper not a rigid insert that has to be printed by a printer. (If you don’t have a large enough printer, consider investing in one (see information on the Education Pro below or, the cost for a paper sign is much less than the cost of a dry mounted or one printed on a rigid board).  

Easyboards are reusable display boards that reduce the need to laminate or dry mount displays.  Just create your messages on paper, peel the flexible plastic cover from the rigid back, slide in your message and reseal.  10 seconds or less.  Then simply slide your board into the Easyboard A-Frame.Easyboard Exhibitor Display Board



Easyboard A-Frames folds down easy and are lightweight for transportation. When needed, open the A-Frames legs and slide in your Easyboard display boards. And when you’re done, use your re usable Easyboard display boards wherever you need them.  Frame is made from steel and powder coated to eliminate the chance of rust. The hinged cover flips up and down covering any potential openings and eliminating the chance of water damage to your displays. Information can be changed On Demand with just a piece of paper. A-frames can be used indoors or outside.

Consider creating your own signage with the Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson.