Presentation & Professional Display Board

Easyboards are super simple presentation boards that are completely reusable.   Why laminate or dry mount displays and presentation materials, use just once and then toss?  Instead, create your same messages on paper, peel the flexible plastic cover from the rigid back, slide your original in and re seal. Just 10 seconds or less!  When you’re done, slide out the original, and slide in another.

Easyboard presentation boards are available in both Velcro or magnetic lining.

Why create mounted displays specific to one event and when it’s over, throw it away? How expensive is that? Not only can you create the same dry mounted displays on just paper, but you can change your messages as they change – on demand. Times, locations, speakers, events – simply create the changes on paper and present in just seconds. Talk about a money and time saver!

All Easyboards are hand made here in the US from the cover, to the lining and the backing and last for years with proper care.  All covers are hand silk screened from the back side so it won’t scratch or chip up on the front side.  The coroplast backing is all hand cut, trimmed and corner round.  A Velcro lined Easyboard uses a commercial grade hook and loop designed for 1000’s of pulls.  A magnetic lined Easyboard also uses commercial grade magnetics for long lasting and tight closures.  Easyboards are tremendous tools that will last and last.

Consider a professional inkjet plotter for your office.  They’re a lot less money than you think!

Easyboards are green presentation boards that make life easy. From trade show displays, presentations, attorney and courtroom exhibits, table top displays and meeting signs – just create your messages on paper and display in just 10 seconds or less. Easyboards are completely re usable and designed to be re used again and again.

Unlike plastic or lucite displays that crack and break all the time, Easyboard won’t break. Plus they lay flat, so transportation is super easy.  If you are using multiple Easyboard presentation boards, consider purchasing our leatherette carrying cases – all hand made here in the US.

Display an Easyboard presentation board on easels, attach double sided tape, Velcro® or magnetic strips to the backs, drill through them, zip tie to columns and posts. Even use real estate H stands to display outside. We also offer Easyboard add ons such as carrying cases, grommets for hanging, cardboard easels.

You can purchase an Easyboard either single or double sided (covers on both front and back) as well covers only in either a Velcro® lining or magnetic lining for cloth or metal walls. And if you ruin the cover or the back, we can replace everything separately – no need to buy full boards. Easyboards presentation boards can also be written on and wiped clean with (recommended) Kleenslate dry erase markers which can be bought direct from their site or from most office supply stores.

Select this link for our New Easyboard Window & Menu Displays or Custom Branded Boards

And all nine sizes of our Easyboard presentation boards, from 8 1/2″ x 11″ to our jumbo 36″ x 48″ sizes, are light weight so displaying them is simple.

  • We can custom color borders (Pantone matches are not a problem) instead of just a black frame and add your company’s logo. All custom work is based on minimum orders so please ask first.
  • Colored Branded Presentation Boards Market your company or products all the time while changing your messages on demand.
  • Easyboard covers can be written on and wiped clean with (recommended) Kleenslate dry erase markers.