Professional displays in seconds with just a piece of paper!

Still relying on outside printers to deliver your exhibits on time?  Overpaying Fedex Kinkos or the UPS Store because it’s a rush job and you need it now?   With the new Easyboard® Exhibitor Display Board, all you’ll ever need is a piece of paper.

How many times have you exhibited at trade shows in need of sign or displays and had to spend a fortune because you need it now? With our New Exhibitor Display Board all you’ll ever need is a paper display – faster and whole lot cheaper!

To use this display board simply

  1. unfold the board,
  2. attach the two supports on the back, (they store neatly on the sides of your board)
  3. adhere the Easyboard® Velcro lined cover 
  4. peel open the cover as little or as much as you need
  5. slide in your paper display.
  6. re-seal

Anytime your information changes or needs updating, slide in a new paper sign.  Because we use a commercial grade Velcro lining, it’s thickness allows you can stack 2-5 displays easily in your frame.  When you’re finished with one, slide it out and the next is right behind it.

Change information in just a few seconds with only paper. No mounting, no laminating—professional displays in seconds.

Show over?  Roll your Easyboard® cover and paper original up and slide them into the traveling tube.  Detach the two supports on the back and fold your board up. Slide everything into the optional carrying case and your off in just a few minutes.  At your next show, repeat the process.

Easyboard® Exhibitor Display Boards can be displayed on easels, with Velcro or magnetic strips, even screwed or nailed through. Regardless how they are displayed and what the back side looks like, your paper display will cover it.  And if by chance you need to replace either the cover or the backing, it can all be purchased separately.  Like all our Easyboard® display boards, this new exhibitor board has been designed to be re-used over and over again.

Now at any show, conference or meeting you attend, you can display professional, up to date information in only a matter of minutes without waiting or spending a fortune – And all it takes is just a piece of paper!

This exhibit board folds down into a neat approx 24” x 10” package.