Easyboards Professional Display & Presentation Boards

Change display materials and signage in just seconds On Demand with an Easyboard.

Easyboards are green On Demand display boards that make changing presentation materials and signage fast and simple.  Forget the expense of laminating and dry mounting exhibits.  Create your graphics on paper, peel open the flexible plastic cover from the rigid back, slide in your document and re seal.  10 seconds or less!  When your done, remove the paper display – store or toss it – and slide in another.  Buy an Easyboard once, and reuse it over and over again.  As your information changes you can easily respond with professional displays with just paper.

Why use dry mounted meeting & event signs just once & then throw them away when you’re done? Attorneys, still spray gluing your courtroom presentations to the same piece of cardboard from another trial? These boards are lightweight and professional looking. 

Easyboards come in nine different sizes with either a Velcro or magnetic lining. All sizes are lightweight and can be displayed on easels, with double sided tape, Velcro or magnetic strips, you can even screw or nail them into walls or stakes . See why thousands of customers use our Easyboards everyday. Select a link at the top or one of the pictures below.

Customize your meeting sign boards with full color images printed on virtually any size board you want.  Add cover inserts for the ability to change out announcements On Demand. Why create dry mounted signage specific to your events only to throw it all away afterwards. Instead create on paper and change out information when you need to.  See how!

Our color branded Easyboards allow customers to showcase brands while still changing messages On Demand. Color branded boards are available in two standard sizes 8 1/2 x 11 & 11 x 17 however,  feel free to create your own custom sizes based on your needs.  These display boards have full color borders with easy change frames.

Easyboard magnetic lined displays allow customers to quickly display and change any announcements On Demand.  Instead of taping materials to windows and doors,  or laminating your announcements for protection, simply create on paper and slide it into the frame and display.  Available in 7 different sizes and can be attached either in a portrait or landscape direction. Great for restaurant menus, announcements, posters, food specials, happy hours, etc.

Easyboards come in 9 different sizes with your choice of a Velcro or magnetic lining. Change display materials in just seconds.  All Easyboards are hand made and designed to last for years with proper care. Ask about custom color borders and logo inserts.